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My name is Kylie Malinowska, aka  ‘klokanomil‘.

YL Advisor and IH CYLT Coordinator for International House World.

Teacher, teacher trainer, training mentor, writer, presenter, student, mum of crazy twin toddlers (lovingly referred to as ‘the sausages’) and coffee addict.


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  1. Hi Anne:
    I noted your South African origins and would like to talk with you about South Africa if you have the time and inclination. SA is one of my favorite spots on Earth; been there many times and have self driven some 60,000 kilometers of the country’s freeways, highways and back roads. I set my novels in South Africa; two published and one in work. I made plans at one time to immigrate but 1994 came along and changed my outlook. Please drop a note if I wouldn’t be a bother.
    Thanks. Jim Woods
    Gypsy Shadow Publishing:
    So You Want To be An Author (released)
    Hits and Misses ( TB released this month)
    Women With Weapons (pending).


  2. Hi Kylie,

    This is a brilliant blog with some great ideas. I haven’t taught YL in a while but I quite miss it now after reading this.




  3. In fact, I’m now thinking of teaching VYL again as it’s great fun teaching my little daughter.

    By the way, would you be interested in writing up one of your posts for TESOL France magazine? I’m part of the ed team and I think other readers would love your ideas too.




  4. Dear Kylie,

    I’m taking the TVYL online course starting in May. I was wondering if there’s any bibliography you recommend I should take a look at before the course begins!

    Thanks a lot!



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