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Boom chicka Boom!

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It’s been a busy weekend indeed! First I had the International House Young Learner Conference, which kicked off Thursday night and came to a close Saturday night, then Sunday was the International House Prague conference.

Between meeting and greeting and boat trips and dancing and getting my fill of inspiration, I’m totally spent and could do with a week of couch time! But every aching muscle and brain cell was worth it and then some. As if receiving not 1 but 3 jars of peanut butter all the way from the UK wasn’t enough, I’ve also had an absolutely fantastic few days and admit I’m a little sad it’s all come to an end.

Aside from comparing myself to Lady Gaga, my IHWO YL conference presentations were a bit more on the serious side, so for Sunday I went for fun and practical. I talked about using Songs and Chants in the YL classroom, or rather I sang and chanted about using songs and chants in the YL classroom. I really enjoyed the session thanks to the particpants who were brave enough to sing and chant along with me and even did jazz hands!

I don’t have time to write a full blog post today despite promising a new one ‘soon’….but…have attached a copy of my ‘Boom chicka boom’ songs and chants session for anyone who’s interested (see link below).

Until next time!!!

Boom chicka boom!

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YL Advisor & IH CYLT Coordinator for IHWO. Teacher, teacher trainer, training mentor, writer, presenter, student, mum of crazy twin toddlers (affectionately known as 'the sausages') and coffee addict.

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  1. Sounds like a very useful conference. Are there any slides or ideas to go up on your blog?



  2. Hi Dale,

    I’ve attached the slides for the IH Prague conference (see the link ‘boom chicka boom’) at the bottom of the page (I’m pleased to say no video exists of me jumping around and singing) but the IHWO slides will only be available in the affiliates area of the IHWO website. It was a great conference! No, SUPER fantastic conference! ALL of the speakers at the IHWO YL Conference were amazing. And who doesn’t like a conference with a boat trip and dancing? AND in beautiful Prague! Unfortunately I didn’t get to see all the speakers at the IH Prague conference but I’ve heard they were great too.

    Thanks for reading Dale 🙂



  3. And to others reading…. here is… …..quite possibly the second best thing to a conference in lovely Prague 😉



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